On Wednesday, December 26th, my family and I ordered pizza on-line from the Pizza Hut on Ridge Rd., in Rockwall, TX. We ordered two large pizzas, and an order of cheese sticks at 6:00, and it was supposed to be delivered at 6:39. However, the pizza did not arrive until almost 7:30. Once we opened the boxes, we realized that the pizzas and the bread sticks were burnt and cold. I immediately called the Pizza Hut store and asked to speak with the manager. I was told that I could have my pizza remade and redelivered, or they would credit my account. Since it was so late, and it took so long already, I decided to take the credit. The person I spoke with said my account would be credited, and the next time I ordered I would have $30.00 on my account. My teenage boys and their friends picked around the parts of the pizza that weren’t burnt, and we threw the rest away. On Friday, December 28th, we had company come in from out of town so, I called to order and was going to use my credit. When I started to place my order, they told me there was not a credit on my account. I explained what had happened on December 26th, and they told me that I would have to talk to the manager, Heather. When Heather came on the phone, I explained my situation to her, and she said that if it was not on my account, that she could not help me. During our conversation, she was very condescending, and implied I was not telling the truth. I explained to her that I had spoken to a female on the phone on the 26th, and she wanted to know her name. Since I did not write it down, I was lying, I guess. I proceeded to ask her if she could talk to the people that were working that night to check my story. She told me that she was the final say because she was the restaurant general manager, but I could call back on the 30th and talk to Irma, who she thought was on duty on the 26th. I asked her if there was someone higher up I could complain to, and she said no, that she was the final say because they were a franchise store. On Sunday, December 30th, I called to talk to Irma who supposedly was the manager on duty on the 26th. She was more pleasant than Heather, but she said that she did not say my account would be credited, or if she did, she didn’t remember it. So I asked her if she would please talk to the other workers that were on duty that day, she, too, refused to follow up. I asked what my next recourse was, and she, too, said that Heather was the final say and it would do no good to complain to anyone else. I asked her to please try and find out who had dropped the ball on this incident and get back with me. She said that Heather would call me back in the next two days. Of course, she didn’t. At this point, it wasn’t even about the $30.00 anymore. It was about what was right, and the fact that they thought I was lying about the situation. So, I decided to send a complaint through the Pizza Hut website. I relayed the incident to the Pizza Hut complaint department, and I received an e-mail that someone would be calling me in the next 3 business days. Again, this did not happen. So, I sent a follow up e-mail a week later, and they said I would hear something again in the next 3 days. Finally, I received the call. I was hoping to talk to someone from the corporate office, but it was Heather. She again stated that they had no record of my credit so it was a dead issue. I asked her if she thought I would go to all this trouble if I was lying over $30.00, and did she really want to lose a customer over this. She said I was a “one time” order, so that was the end of it. I told her that we had ordered many times before from different telephone numbers, and different addresses because we order from my Mother’s and brother’s houses, and I am a teacher, so we do pizza parties periodically. She didn’t care, and said it would do no good to complain, because they were their own boss because they were a franchise location. Please help