Dear employees of pizza hut,

recently me my husband and my two daughters Lucy and Carmen went to your pizza restaurants for Carmen’s 12th birthday at tower park Poole, on the 21st of December 2010 to be precise.

When I arrived at pizza hut I was a few minutes early for my booking so I didn’t mind waiting. It got to ten minutes past the time i booked my table for and a waitress asked me my name. I told her and she then replied I wasn’t on the list. Furiously i demanded the next available table at 8pm 2 hours later then planed.

After going home we travelled back up and stood in the line for another 10 minutes over booking time until I was finally greeted by a different lady. She sat me at a tiny table fitted for 2 people and told me to pull 2 seats in at the sides. annoyed and angry I followed her request.

Soon a waitress came around and asked us for a meal choices. We all ordered a coke accept Lucy who ordered tango. Me and my husband ordered a medium meat feast pizza with stuffed crusts and a bowl of chips each.Carmen ordered a bowl of pasta and a bowl of chips and Lucy ordered a small bq chicken pizza with normal crusts.

the waitress then came back with our 4 glasses of drinks. to my surprise after I thought nothing else could mess our meal up Lucy who ordered Tango had coke. I called a waitress over who told me that she would get me a tango but i had to still pay for the glass of coke that wasn’t being drunk. I told her I said tango to her but she kept saying I had said coke. She then brought my daughter the tango she had originaly asked for.

Just before i was about to walk out on a 45 minute wait for food after my daughter begging me not to the waitress brought around our food. She then coughed near the food which I don’t think was appropriate nor hygienic. We were relived we finally got to eat then felt our stone cold food. Our pizza was indeed meat feast but not with stuffed crusts normal crusts and it felt limp cold and lifeless. Carmen’s pasta was warm and smelt lovely but she had around 12 limp salty chips in her bowl. Lucy’s pizza was plain
I called the waitress over who told me the pizza has only gone cold because the tempreture of the room! is it just me or is that the worst excuse ever! she told me she chicken with stuffed crusts not the normal crusts she had asked for.
would get Carmen a new bowl of chips but insisted me and my husband had asked for plain crusts and Lucy had asked for stuffed. After briefly arguing with the lady another woman that was employed there then asked me to please leave the premises. My daughter was getting upset. I said gladly and left our meal and drink on the table.

We then went to nandos for a lovely meal. Just as we were about to pay for the meal i had realised that id left my purse in pizza hut. My eldest daughter went to get it back from them, they then asked her to leave she refused until they looked on our table. After giving her the news it wasn’t there she stormed in and looked herself. She then picked it up and left and returned to me my husband and my daughter.

I am disappointed in you and certainly will not be dining at your reastrants any more unless you employ new staff!

Yours Carla Somerson.