Visited weatherspoons in peterleet today with my husband and my father which we often do on a Friday after work for fish and chips
Order was placed at 20 to 2 and was brought out to us well within in the timescale we were given the fish looked absolutly disguising we refused to accept them the young girl took, them back to the kitchen ,manager came over and asked us the problem and apologised offering us a replacement which we accepted he also stated the chief had had a long day ( which is of no coselation to myself and my family)
The replacement was not to long in coming to the table it looked far better than the first lot but to our surprise once we cut into the fish it was no better (the fish was not! White it still had the skin on it certainly did not look like cod and was under cooked.
We have used several weatherspoons in our time and this is not the food we are used to been served up I returned the food to the counter and was given a refund for the food . I left on this occasion a very unhappy customer and will be reluctant to return
Look forward to hearing from you
L Rowe