I am a regular user of all JDW’s in West Yorkshire, especially the two in mt home town of Halifax. When the Percy Shaw in the new Broad St Centre opened last year it was like a breath of fresh air compared to the Barum Top which was and still is suffering from poor management and staff who would rather hide round the back and chit chat rather than actually serve the customers. Unfortunatley the PS has now fallen into the same routine. Having paid a visit today I sat among four dirty uncleared tables whilst the staff seemed to be having their own private party behind the bar even thought there were no customers waiting to be served. When I went to the bar and asked a girl if she would mind clearing the tables she said someone would be along in a few minutes as they were busy in the kitchen???
What do maanagers do these days? Not manage, that’s for sure.
Please note Mr Martin, I shall pay my £3 50 train fare to Bradford and drink in the Titus Salt in future. Still a proper run pub.