I visited your restarant the running horse in maidstone on tuesday 10th august,I was shown to a table by a member of staff and informed that a waitress would be with us shortly 24 minutes later a waitress arrived and ask ed us if we were ready to order which we did.We were asked what drinks we wanted my wife ordered a diet pepsi i asked for a pint of lager, at this point the waitress stared at me,and asked me what lager i want, i then asked her what largers do you do.She then told me and then i ordered my pint.Twenty minutes later drinks finally arrived.the waitress then shouts as she walks away refill the glass up ove there, as we have never been to this place before we didnt know where over there was.At no time we were told about the salad cart,When our meals arrived i had to get my own knife and fork from another table as the waitress had disapeared again.
My wife ordered chicken sandwich which clearly states it should have been chicken breast,upon finding a bone in the chicken,it took another 10 minutes to contact the waitress.When i asked her what this could be she said the chickens are spitroasted and this can sometimes happen.I then asked her why chicken breast has got a bone in it,she then pick up the plates and said im sorry about that as she walks away saying i will take it off the bill. At this point i was so disgusted at the lack of poor service and poor food i paid for what was edible and left.I do understand at busy times your staff are very busy,but this was 2.30 in the afternoon in a half empty restarant,where the staff seem to stand and talk for long periods, In hindsight i wished i did not pay for anything, the waitress whose name was maragret i found her attitude rude and aggresive and customer skills were zero. I strongly feel that your customer .service training needs looking at

I look forward to hear from you

Tony Smith