We regularly visit this restaurant, at least once may twice a week with friends and family. We went today and I was not feeling too well and asked if I could take most of the left over pizza home and the salad that I had got from the salad bar. The girl that served me point blank refused to allow me to take the salad home and she told me that she would be binning it away but cannot let me have the salad. She then went over to the Manager, or at least I was later advised it was the Manager – who was utterly rude to us both, very abruptly spoken and frankly no manners whatsoever. She did not even address the concern at our table, but simply abruptly spoke from a distance. A lot of people were in the restaurant that over heard her shouting and I have names and addresses should you require them for your investigations. A few waiting with children even left the restaurant and were in fact gob-smacked by her actions. I have been too many Pizza hut restaurants in the midlands and have never come across such terrible customer service. Also, I would like to explain that I have a rare form of cancer which causes me problems with my stomach and I often get abdominal pains and this was my problem today and hence requested to take my salad home so that I can have it later when I felt better. Also it was not as if I went to the salad bar on a number of occasions, but just once whilst I waited for the starter and main course. I just cannot believe that I was told that they would simply place it in the bin instead of allowing me to take it home. Usually I finish my meals at the restaurant and don’t ask to take anything home. I just think it’s really bad that the manager did not even let us explain my situation. If this is how Pizza hut is going to be run with dam right rude managers then I’m afraid I will never be returning to Telford Pizza hut again. This restaurant is the one at the retail park at Telford Centre in case you are wondering. I don’t expect anything will be done about this anyway, but thought that I would waste this time typing this complaint to you anyway. It was so annoying to say the least and I wonder whether I will ever visit this restaurant again in the future. One other thing – surely it would make sense to let the customers take the salad home once they have got it from the salad bar, you’re only going to place it in the bin anyway. At least you’re giving something back to the customer and most would appreciate it too. Thanks. Mr P Chande. Telford.