good morning,
i dont normally complain but on this occassion i feel i must we normally go to the harvester in windsor and always found it to be great,this time we decided to visit the montague arms in langley slough on the 27th feb at 16.44,we were seated at the back of the resturant near a dripping roof that had bowls and buckets placed on tables and floor to catch the drips the table we sat at and the surrounding areas were untidy the floor looked like it needed hoovering and the chairs had dryed food on them.
we ordered the rack of ribs one with chips and the other with new potatoes the food was unsatisfactory it came with the sauce on the ribs was dry the potatoes were hard and the ribs were fatty and undercooked we didnt enjoy our meal and most of it was left we couldn’t find any staff to point this out too there was one member of staff doing the whole back section she was busy and we couoldn’t catch her eye or anyone else’s we decided to leave without any puddings we were very disappointed with the whole experience, we payed £29 pound for a meal that we didnt enjoy and we went else where to get something to eat.
i dont think in future i will be going to that resturant i’ll give my service elsewhere when i’m in langley.