What a poor start for a new pub,The Silk Kite in Tamworth.
As a lunch time drinker and i only drink trad,beers.i constantly find at lunch times beers that are not on tap,not ready,and when ready the bar staff not sure how to pull a good pint! What happend to the in house training,as i dont blame the staff more the managers and area managers,sometimes the beer is cloudy and you are expected to drink it.
I know this is at times difficult and demanding,as i have been in the trade yrs ago and was a member of the B.I.I. but is very rewarding when you meet that challenge.
I visit many W.spoons around the country,from Folkstone to Hartlepool,and am delighted with the product.last week in Liverpool the staff were realy good and pleased to help with local knowlege so you know how i can see and feel about my home town Tamworth.
Today i am off work and will not visit the Kite,and go to Birmingham Sqare peg.
Thanks for reading this,teams can get it right and i hope in the future to write a complimentry letter about Tamworth Silk Kite.