I may only be 21 years old and I may not have any political education, but this is no reason for the people who run my country and no reason for the people who want to run my country to look down on me, and feel that it is their right to only tell me what I want to hear. For them to make the presumption that I cannot handle the bad news nor any bleak matters they are simply insulting my integrity and my intelligence.

My complaint today is all about something I call ‘Power Vagueness’ this is in relation to the specific condition that most, if not all of our politicians seem to suffer from. It is scientifically proven that ‘Power Vagueness’ affects a part of the politician’s brain that allows them to clearly clarify their own agendas within their policies, I am of course being facetious.

Early today I visited David Cameron’s website, I knowingly called it David Cameron’s website and not the Conservative Party’s website because the first thing I saw on the home page is a flattering picture of him smiling and staring off to the distance, nice but not needed and vain. I was quick to check the parties policies by that I of course mean Mr Cameron’s policies, there I go being facetious again. I began reading about their plans for universities and skills because I am thinking of becoming a student and this is the area that interests me.

I was quick to find bullet points, all though this is nice formatting and gives me a break down of their plans it is not backed up by anything at all that could tell me how they plan to achieve their goals. In fact I couldn’t find anything on their website under any category that would tell me the all important question of how they will go about implementing their policies.

For example: David Cameron plans for there to be a trained careers advisor in every secondary school and college. Don’t get me wrong I believe this is a great policy and I couldn’t see who wouldn’t want this. But how do they plan to go about it? Why is there no mention of cost or no mention of budget? Of course certain situations can improve vastly if you throw money at them but the question is ‘do we have the money to throw’? The last I heard our country was in financial ruin with a huge amount of debt on our shoulders.

I thought maybe I was being too cynical and perhaps it was only his website that was cloudy so I decided to give Mr Cameron’s manifesto a go. Once again I found my self so surrounded by clouds I was actually sweating from vertigo. There was talk of:

‘Rebuilding the bonds of duty and responsibility’
‘Using the state to stimulate social action’
‘Greater prestige for the teaching profession’

All fantastic quotes, they roll of the tongue with ease and great beauty but I am afraid Mr Cameron that I do not have a £200,000 education behind me teaching me how to sieve through your vagueness. With out you speaking clearly and clarifying not only what you mean by what you say but how you plan to do what you say I just can’t take you seriously

That was just one small example of the many clouds cast by our politicians, and for me to single out one man in our entire government is wrong, David Cameron is just one of the many suffers of Power Vagueness, I have used him as an example because he is the one who has been in the limelight recently, but please I urge you all to read for yourselves the different policies set by the different parties, they are all quite entertaining. I know you will see the same thing I saw – Power Vagueness in its strongest.

Rodney Aaron Marsh Wroot