We are all supposed to be a little greener these days, trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we recycle our paper, not so much as a scrap gets past the bin lid without being shipped off to the paper recycling bin, it’s the same for everyone, we have a planet to save after all! My husband usually uses his motorbike to go to and from work, yes in the winter too, it’s cheaper and uses very little fuel and only costs £15 a year in road tax, however, recently my husbands shifts changed and rather than suffer the freezing temperatures at 2am on his bike he would finish in time to catch the last bus home in slightly more comfort and quite a bit warmer too as well as helping towards a better public transport and a smaller carbon footprint, instead my husband stood and waited for his connecting bus in the freezing temperatures at 11pm, he saw the number 27 round the corner and put out his arm to hail the bus to stop. The bus did not stop. The bus driver looked directly at my husband, ignored him and carried on going! This was the last connecting bus to the metro station/bus stop, my husband had to walk 15 miles in the freezing cold at night walking an average of 2 miles an hour, he got home at 6:30am frozen and with a wife telephoning every hospital in a 50 mile radius, and every police station within 30 miles. exactly what is the point of purchasing a one week pass at the cost of £15 per week if the drivers do not know how to use the brakes and stop to pick up a pre-paid customer, my husband wanted to be a little greener, instead he lost a nights sleep and wasted £15 on a bus pass that makes you walk everywhere!