Roger Brown
75, Redmoor Close
Phone 01822 613554
17 December2015

Dear Sir,
I am writing in the hope that someone at Wetherspoons can help.
Whilst I could have used your online complaints procedure there are a number of issues that I would like to highlight about The Queen’s Head, Tavistock, Devon. This, as you will know, is a fairly new branch and, when it opened, the service, food and ambience was excellent, as with the numerous other establishments I have visited over the years.
Unfortunately, there has been a steady decline since the “opening team” left and handed the business over to local management. I am not a person who complains without good cause but out of the last six visits in the last seven weeks I have had been disappointed on four occasions. Whilst my wife and I have mentioned our displeasure to the numerous staff at the time it is quickly turning into a venue we are beginning to question visiting in the future. This is such a shame given our eagerness to welcome a Wetherspoons into our town.
About a month ago my wife ordered a gammon steak which arrived and the accompanying chips were soggy and returned. The meal came back with hot chips but the initial meal was cold and, therefore, she asked for a replacement. A new meal was served but the gammon was only cooked on one side, the other side being raw. This was brought to the manageress’ attention who offered to replace the meal which we declined and a refund was granted as I had finished my meal. As my wife is diabetic it was vitally important for her to eat to avert a potential medical emergency, so therefore we left to eat at home which would have been quicker.
Three weeks ago eight members of our family visited the branch for a birthday meal and it took over 20 minutes to get a drink and place a food order as numerous items were not available on the menu and staff shortages were obvious. When the order did arrive it took that long to serve the meals many were going cold. The day before yesterday my wife and myself went in for an evening meal, placing the order in the usual manner. We changed tables as there was a rather boisterous group nearby and informed staff who noted the change and said that there wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, due to the long delay, we had to ask staff for our meal and were eventually reunited with our order which was, by now, bordering on warm and the meal on the mixed grills all tough. Granted, the plates on one side were hot where they had been resting under the heat lamps. However, as we were due to meet some friends elsewhere we had to leave.
The following morning I called in for breakfast when it was very quiet. I placed an order for eggs Benedict and took my seat at table 56. There was a long delay and I saw my meal at the serving hatch and the TV screen was showing red at 15 minutes and 8 seconds before, eventually, I had to ask someone for my breakfast.
The whole Wetherspoon experience is no longer a pleasant one and numerous friends and associates have noticed the rapid decline. Even the long wait at the bar to place either a drinks or meal/drink order is not pleasant due to constant staff shortages.
Please sort out Wetherspoons or the trade will go elsewhere.

Yours faithfully,
Roger Brown