Something which we British people have always been proud of is our heritage; that we belong to a race of liberation, high culture and innovation. And yet before we wave our Union Jacks high and praise our patriotic race, perhaps it would be wise to remember that we are a multicultural country.

We blame immigration for our lack of jobs who are “draining” our economic system and yet to be fair they are paid a rate so low, that even the most desperate English cleaner would be hesitant to accept it. We attack the use of the hijab in our schools and yet if our predominantly Christian society was banned from wearing crucifixes, it is likely that the ban would face much resistance!

Why then should we seek to accommodate the needs of one race and not all? If we are as liberated a country as we claim to be, then we should be more embracing of different peoples’ backgrounds and views. Only then can we be truly proud of our patriotic society!