This month I was issued a £90 Parking Penalty on Asda’s private Car Park at the Leyton branch in London whilst in store spending my hard earned cash. Unfortunately, being my nearest supermarket, I spend hundreds of pounds at this budget on a weekly basis. I agree that tickets should be issued to cars in disabled bays with no blue badge or cars parked in child and parent bays when they have no children. But why the hell should anybody pay £90 to ASDA’s privite parking company UKPC for parking crooked or over the white lines in a normal bay. I hate to admit, i was parked badly – enough to fail a test I’m sure, but i was obstructing absolutely nothing and nobody. I wasn’t causing any danger, and if that isn’t an annoying way to waste £90, the fact that the rest of the gigantic car park was virtually empty has tipped me over the edge. So I began a user group on facebook called Rage Against Extortionate Parking Penalties on Asda Car Park for Customers. I am tired of being pushed around by massive companies who are fronted by little people reading from a script and afraid of losing their £12,000 a year job. Where has the common sense gone in this country??? And while I’m at it, don’t get me started on Sky, BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, RAC, I could go on…..

Please show your support for this group by joining or by not shopping at ASDA until some sort of common sense prevails. (ie, probably never)

For anyone in a similar dilemma, there is information at, where basically, you will see that many of these private parking companies disguise their fines to look like official government penalties or police fines. There are many loopholes to look at and you should not feel pressured to pay up straight away until you have done your research.