Dear Supermarket Man,

I would just like to say thank you for ripping me off this week (well actually most weeks). I have really enjoyed being taken for a ride and treated like a mug (of the large variery). As a thank you here is a big long rant!

Why is it that you supermarkets think we will fall for the constant “Only £1” signs on all type of foods. Its no surprise that the “Only” message is on items that are in fact a complete rip off!
You can get most of items you advertise for a £1 for far less and items advertised such as “Only £2” you can in fact buy for £1 from the pound shop!

And all these buy one get from free deals!
Well i don’t want two of them but if I buy one I have to pay well over the odds.

These new “snack size” and “handy pack” items for which you pay full price but get less , well what a joke they are. But i do appreciate you being so kind in making the pack “handy” so i can carry it easier. I know that was the thought behind it and not just that its a complete con and to get more money out of me!

I’m so greatfull Mr Supermarket man.
Next time I’m skint and can’t go out at least i’ll be happy that you have all my money! and I can drown my sorrows in my full price for less teabags (oh actually they just ran out).