hello im writing to complain about the re-instated worked givin his job back after making secterian remarks in a public place owned by the asda company i find this an absolute disgrace and until such time as this issue is resolved i will not be attending the supermarket which i shop in every day of week as i fell il be in danger of such an employee i hope to take on board this complaint and in doing so take the apropriate action in dismissle i would also like you to imform me as i would wish to keep shopping with asda and as my local supermarket is shore road but until action for the secterian remarks is acted on i will not be going anywer near asda stores throught the provience and i will be boy cottin asda stores as you can not have secterian minded people working in your company espically workers that have been charged and convicted of the murders of 2 inacent young catholics who were murdered by your employer for simply being a catholic.