Dear Sir/Madam
I have shopped in your store for many years without problem and hope you can help me resolve the following issue:

I purchased a dress in the sale at £40. When I got home and tried it on the dress simply did not suit me. I needed my money back to buy a more flattering dress.

I duly took back the dress, tags still attached, with the receipt to ask for a refund. I queued for almost half an hour, it now being after Christmas and sale time, and eventually I was served. I asked for a refund – no problem – but technology dumbfounded the assistant. When swiping the price tag it came up at £25 as the dress was now in the sale and that, apparently, is all I could have back. She did not know how to correct the price and certainly wasn’t allowed to use common sense and open the till herself. (Forgive me but you can understand how frustrating technology can be!)

I was speechless at first and then foolishly became all British about it, telling the assistant not to worry as she was obviously so busy and struggling to serve so many people. After trying to find a solution – no manager available etc. I took the £25 and left much to the pleasure of the other 50 or so people in the queue who were trying to shop in their lunch hour and didn’t want to be stuck behind a complaining, whingeing woman.

Although upset at leaving the shop without a refund I fully understand that these incidents occur and would be grateful if you could telephone me to suggest a suitable time for me to come into the shop where my problem can be resolved.

I hope you find this comment constructive besides being a slight criticism and hope that in future staff will be able to give the correct amount when refunding.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Alison Cook