My husband has lost one of our nectar cards so he has now had to take mine as he uses sainsburys petrol station to fill not only our car but also but his works vehicle and uses the nectar card quiet alot which with the points we save for christmas ,we also live at the back of a sainsburys which we also use quiet alot ,ive over the last 2 months rang 7 times 4 a replacement 2nd card and still as i put this complaint in writing ive still not recieved my card ! how many more times have i got to ring for them to keep saying am i sure ive given the correct members no and name and address?cant even begin to imagine how many points ive lost whilst waiting for my new card to come or should i say that hasnt come its now december and very angry that ive lost those points which means less items for us from sainsburys for us this christmas because sainsburys failed to get a card out to me was hopeing for extra treats over the festive season which now wont happen !