I was given a Parking ticket a few months ago and have since been appealing against it. My problem is that i am disabled with 6 incurable diseases and i have a blue badge and a disabled Parking bay supplied by Greenwich council. The disability discrimination act requires the council to make sure that i can use the same facilities as non-disabled people. I have used Woolwich market for 60 years. It has been there for 400 years by Royal Consent.
The council do not have any disabled parking bays near the market which i need as i am unable to walk far so to use the market as others do i have to park wherever i can. To complete my appeal i have sent 2 letters to the Parking dept asking for information on disabled bays near the market. I have not had a reply dispite the councils constitution which says they should reply within a set period. As i am not able to have this information i have to make my last appeal with just my local knowledge. It seems to me that even the weakest members of the borough are fair targets to raise money, and if they try to make a case for an appeal a conspiracy of silence refuses them the tools to attempt to keep their disability benefit. Shame on you ROYAL BOROUGH OF GREENWICH.