(Just to explain, I live next door to a charity church and their gardner had dumped two bin-bags into the passage that seperates our properties. I posted this letter to them and placed the bin-bags at their door.)

Dear Sirs,
This is the rubbish from your property that I witnessed your gardener dumping into the passage adjacent to your car park.
I assume the cost of dumping rubbish would be in the price you paid for the work and I do not see why myself, or other neighbours who use the passage should;
A, have to pay the council to clear your litter.
B, put-up with the site of extra litter on the passage. Which the council neglects at the best of times.

I see this as a matter between you and your gardener at this time but please be assured that I will take it further if this obscene dis-regard for your neighbours is repeated again.
I can also give you the number of a gardener who appreciates issues of litter and its appropriate disposal and the laws regarding fly-tipping.

Mr Gibbons