Last summer 2012 I bought a Sainsbury metalic red kettle £29,99. It started to leak into the base where the eclectrics are. At first I thought it was me being sloppy but no. I returned the kettle to Sainsbury at the Foss Islands Branch in York together with the leaflet, unfortunately I bought it with my weekly shop and binned the receipt. The shelves are stacked with these kettles. They are dangerous. I was told that they could not give me a refund or credit note to the tune of £29.99 as I had no receipt. I am a loyal customer to Sainsbury Foss Islands. I am a pensioner and have osteoarthritis in my pelvis and feet so I use ti as my corner shop and known as a regular in this shop. My complaint is that although I did not have the receipt I had the paperwork that came with the kettle. I asked them to dispose of it as the Council get very upset if you discard electrical goods to landfill and there is no bin to recycle such in a safe manner. Trading Standards receipt or not should have had a refund or credit note. You are still selling these kettles and they are dangerous they leak into the base unit where the electrics are. I expected better. I am a pensioner and cannot afford to lose money like this. Customer Service beckons. I had to buy a replacement. A Breville £19.99. and was told to register it on line. I look forward to hearing from you, eager to read your response. Why are you still selling a faulty electrical item? Thank you for your time. Hear from you soon. Hopefully.