Bought a set of earrings and a necklace for £7.50 at Sainsbury’s, the packaging had no refund policy or packaging protection. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t like them and she didn’t even try them on, so the next morning I went to return them, just to be told that I can’t because they have put a 1 cm high by 10 cm length sign that say so. People touch and even try earrings at the store and this policy is meant to be for hygienic reasons, well, if Sainsburys was a fair supermarket worriec for the health and protection of their customer they should cover their earrings in a sealed packaging (transparent) and refuse refund only when they were faulty or the packaging was broken. I told the unhelpful lady at customer service to put it in the bin for me. Packaging should be clear also signs should be visible, not the tiny little things they have to rip you off easily.