Christmas is coming, and all the supermarkets are advertising to get your custom. They all have festive adverts on TV, and Sainsburys is no exception. Their advert shows home clips sent to them, and they have compiled the clips into a ‘Christmas in a day’ video.
1 night I decided to watch the video, and was shocked at what I saw. 18 minutes into the video, it shown geese being killed, and then later plucked. This may not shock some people, but with the film being advertised on daytime TV, showing families fun and excitement, I was expecting to watch a ‘feel good’ video.
My wife and I have a 10 month old son, this is our 1st Christmas with our son, and are both looking forward to it. We are also animal lovers. We are not naïve to what happens or where food comes from, but to watch a film like this, with no warnings is just wrong. What was Sainsburys thinking?? The film could of been so much better they had left sequences like that out. I really expected better from them.