As a disbaled person i have to order my food online and i have tried all the main supermarkets except Sainsbury’s. They all have roughly the same delivery price
between £4 for a day delivery and £5 for an evening delivery.
I wanted to try Sainsbuy’s even though they are a bit more expensive, I registered with them online and chose an afternoon delivery at £4.50.
I started to make my buying list and when i had what i needed or could afford i went to checkout and then came the bomshell. The delivery chard suddenly went up to £6.95 nearly £3 more.. I cancelled my order and wrote to the directors of the company.
I asked why this happened and he said you have to spend over £40 to get the cheaper delivery. . I said that the elderly and disabled are the ones that have to shop online and they are the likely to have little to spend so by adding an extra £3
on delivery, so in fact you are stopping them from shopping in your store.Of course when you complain they always phone you so that you do not have anything in writing. His reason for being the only supermarket to do this was” we have to do this as we need more vans on the road and they are not thinking of changing anything”.

My closing response was to say ” so your ditching the most needy people so you can deliver to the ones that can afford to shop with you” I did not wait for his answer , i knew what it would be..