My Sky+ box is playing up. Basically, it keeps pausing when live tv is used or two programmes are being recorded at once. It is really annoying. The first time it happened was during the latest Doctor Who, the Waters of Mars, a programme I have really been looking forward too. Ruined by my Sky+ box.

The box is quite old is out of warranty and probably not covered by the Sale of Goods Act, so I went online to see how much it would cost to get a new one or a new HD one.

It may be just me but I find the Sky website really confusing. Anyway, when comparing the two options I noticed that a new Sky+ box comes with a £60 installation charge whereas the HD version is only £30. The effort involved in installing these must be identical, what are Sky playing at?

As I already have the satellite dish installed why do I need to pay installlation at all? How difficult is it to take the viewing card out of one box, put it in the new one and phone Sky customer service to pair the boxes?

It is very easy to do this yourself and Sky are obviously ripping consumers off.