On Saturday the 9th of July a group of us went to Witherspoons , the Coliseum in Cleethoreps High Street, we went to celebrate one of our groups Birthday he is 72, We have used the Place for months to meet up and have a drink and a meal, I ordered a meal for my wife and myself, a shared meal and a chicken korma special, I asked for a til receipt, I was told i did not need one, i went back to our table number 23, after a while the shared meal came for my wife, I sat about 10 minutes waiting for my chicken korma meal, it never arrived, i went to the Bar and enquired about My meal, the young girl behind the Bar looked on the till/computer and told me i had not ordered it, i told her i had , her attitude was terrible, She said that i had not order it and i had not paid for it, I said no problem but if i have not paid for it i would pay for it again, she gave me some verbal abuse,I politely told her that i would not be spoken to like a piece of shit from her or anybody, her reply was to throw back my Money and say” you won’t be eating her then I walked away , she followed me back to our table and took My wifes and my drink out of my hand, i said no problem i want my money back, she said tough, I took my wife’s meal back and put it on the counter it was cold by now from waiting for my meal to arrive so we could eat together, As the bar is made of marble and the plate made of porcelain it made a noise, another Bar assistant a young male got a Door person he followed me to my table and told us to leave, i ask to speak to the manager, A female came and said that she was the manager i explained what had happened, she apologized to me and said the bra person should not have take the drinks out of our hands, She asked if i still wanted our meal, i said just give it a few minutes as it had embarrassed and upset my wife having her drink snatched out of her hands in a crowded pub, End of the incident we thought, Later on there was a group of people all males in high spirits becasue it was The Scooter weekend and there was hundreds of people about having a good time,The through some balloons that was tied together at My wife and three of her female friends which were sat down at a table near them , One Lady put her hands up to stop the Balloons from knocking all the drinks over on the table, a ballon popped maybe caugh her ring, but it wa snot doner intentionaly, the Door person came over and told us we had to leave , i asked why he said becasue you have poped a ballon, He did not want talk about it, So Now at the age of 62 i find myself bared from Withersoons , the colisem for Popping a ballon , All the group maybe 20 people will never use the place again , We where tret like criminals by poorly trained Staff with bad attitude including the Manegment, dot use the place find some where that wants genuine people,