Dear Tania,

I nowhere implied that the tax declaration was a receipt to me. It isn’t addressed to me and it declares that you paid a certain amount to the government in respect of tax on my fee and it does say I earned 200 or so euros in 2008. It is for me to use on my tax return. But I don`t want to send in a tax return that is a lie. I do not want to declare I earned 200 euros and paid 70 or so euros in tax, when actually I have no way of knowing any of that. What I do know, and can prove, is that no one paid me 200 euros in 2008 from your company.

This is the first time anyone has given me a tax declaration form for something they didn’t pay me. I am sorry but I find it extremely strange that you expect me to declare something that isn’t true. If I file this declaration,as I usually do with tax declarations, to reclaim the tax, as I shall have to do very soon, then maybe it can legally be taken as an acknowledgement that I did receive the fee. I`m hardly going to say I earned 200 euros which I haven’t seen, now am I? but if I do not, I will lose the rebate of the tax which you have paid on my behalf.

If you paid tax and stamp without paying me my fee, in 2008, which is something I have no way of knowing, then the only outgoings you can put on the tax form are those. Because the fee to me was not paid. and was therefore not an outgoing of your company in 2008.

IF a tax form does not need to be connected in any way with the amount of money someone is paid.. which appears to be what you are saying, and is therefore not an indication that I received the money that the form declares I was paid…? er…

So, if this legal document is unconnected to the amount of money I was paid in 2008, and, from what you tell me, legally it does not need to have any connection with it, then your company can say it paid me whatever it wants to say.. as it did.. THEN what exactly is the point of a legal tax document? It is obviously is totally unconnected with money that actually left your company and was paid to me. And if these two things are not connected, and, as you imply, legally have no need to be connected, what exactly is the point?

I would like you to clarify this. This was what I was asking before. I mean, is it true that a legal statement to the tax office from a company can be completely false, as the tax form I got is, and there is no likelihood that this can be taken as fraudulent? doesn`t this open the door to all kinds of abuses?

That was really what I needed clarification about.

Best wishes,