To whom it may concern,
I would like to make a formal complaint about you company and overall service. As a taxi company may I just remind you that you are in fact the highest ranked mode of public transport in this area, mostly by myself. To begin with I would like a detailed and honest explanation in which you can inform me what gives you the right to adjust fares on terms of the weather. I mean fair enough on bank holidays etc. I would not have a problem, but it we have some snow and the minimum fare is raised to £6.00 it is absolutely unacceptable, given the fact I had already waited half an hour for the taxi itself. He only drove me around the corner and then had the cheek to smirk when asking for the overpriced fare. He didn’t have a chance I’m sorry but it was far too much, surely you agree that the distance your driver took me would of cost less if I was on a plane.
Secondly, I am not the sort of person to get irate and lose control of my temper usually but it was getting ridiculous when he locked the doors and decided to go on a detour. I’m not sure if your employee is exactly sane, who locks someone inside a vehicle with themselves – a total stranger. Bearing in mind that I’m only 17 years old, it was a little frightening for myself as you could imagine. Despite the fact this man was driving he had a lot of time to shout abuse and demand money from myself whilst still using more of his fuel that of which I of course was not going to cover. I would of gladly paid the normal minimum fare of £2.50 and been on my way. The manager there knows that I am a good customer as I can safely say that I use your company on a regular basis and consider you most reliable.
I am very disappointed and shocked with your service and will not be using your company in the future, and by all means I will spread the word to others of your vile drivers who shout abuse at teenage girls and lock them in their cars. I’ll try buses in the future it’s a lot cheaper and friendlier.