On Sat 10th September I went to Tesco Bromley to do my normal weekly shop. To keep my 3 year old son ammused during the shop I let him take with him 3 small transformer figures.

I completed my shop and paid for ALL items at the till.

On leaving the store the security guard stopped me and asked me to pay for the three Transformers.

I explained my son had came into the store with them, he again asked me to pay for them now.

I was angry and embarrassed. I explained once again and he asked for my receipt. I asked for his name and he told me i didnt need to know that, i asked again just for my reference and again he declined.

He wrote SEEN on my receipt and said i could leave the store. This man is a bully and i was simply a target.

I spend hundreds of pounds a week in this store and i am angry i was treated in this manner.