To whom it may concern,

I purchase a promotion deal :Back to School, Trousers for my 5 year old son as he was starting school in September 2009.

As there was a deal 3 for the price of 2, it felt like good value for money. However, my son started school on 9th September and as he has 3 pairs of school trouser he has only worn the trouser about 3 time and the pilling on the back is so bad I couldn’t let him go to school with trousers that look like he has worn them for years, They are so bad they are not wearable. The shocking thing is he has only been at school for 4 weeks and I had to go out and buy new school trousers,

As I am a Garment Technologist for Coast, I have experience is abrasion and pilling

This fabric that has been used for school trouser are a definite failed on abrasion, or if it pass your standards must be very Low.

If the standards are so low this should be indicated on the wash care label, so the customer would be aware of the nature of the fabric would pile

There is no wording on the wash care label covering that fabric will pile so this is really not acceptable

Please can somebody get back to me regarding this, as I do feel this is fails advertising for Good value for money. As Tesco’s would say “every little helps“, well not in this case!

Your Sincerely
Mrs D. Amon