To whom it may concern,

My wife had been trying to find work for the last two years and when she found out that Tesco is recruiting for the new ‘SUPERSTORE’ in Birmingham, SpringHill, she applied for a checkout job.

Funny enough, Tesco HR contacted her and asked to see her for an interview to which she attended then asked for another interview with a panel of recruiters (As if they are recruiting for physicist role), then she got the job where she went for so many induction days. Recently she got a letter saying that her employment will be terminated on 12th Jan 2011. The issues are the following:

– Tesco knew from the start that we have a child and she asked for flexibility, my wife couldn’t apply for benefits as she is not from this country.

– Tesco mentioned that the induction is paid then store management changed their minds and said it is not.

– Tesco had changed her full time hours to part time hours before my wife asked them to do this and with no notice. They always put the excuse that they told her and tried to say that she might not have understood because of her average command of spoken english.

– Tesco had made her lift heavy things and when she said she can’t, management asked her to try her best. So she accepted this because she wanted to keep her job.

– Tesco have never sent her a contract to sign saying that they only send them after 3 months, so surprise surprise they terminated her employment.

– Tesco have terminated her employment by sending a letter advising that they have already told her verbally about this, this is not right and they have never told her about this.

I think Tesco is abusing its power as a major recruiter and abusing recruitment laws to their advantage. This was done by either bullying people who never had a job before or discriminating against their origin, their level of english language understanding and ignoring their circumstances.

In brief, I think Tesco only care about their profit and they try their best to boost it without any regards to poor people who need every single penny.

I hope someone can give me advice on how to progress this further and who to contact