To whom it may concern:

I purchased a British lamb leg last night – 21st December 2009 – at Tesco Sunbury store, unwittingly believing it to be on offer at half price of £3.98. I returned home and checked my receipt which seemingly reflected the FULL price. Upon phoning your customer number (0845 No) the lady who eventually answered told me to bring the receipt back into the store to be refunded half the amount. She said she ‘thought’ I need not bring in the lamb joint itself. Point number one: a customer service personnel who gave me an incorrect instruction.

Due to her uncertainty about returning the lamb along with the receipt, I asked then to speak with the store’s customer services direct. Indeed, the product has a large red label stating “Half price” with “£7.97” crossed out, then the price advertised as “£3.98”. The Customer Services lady I spoke with told me to look closer, “do you see anything else on the label?” were her exact words. Of course, she knew exactly what to say (prompted doubtless by other similar complaints) for indeed, upon minute scrutiny there is “per kilo” in small, no TINY lettering under both prices.

The lettering upper case is 1.5mm and the lower case ‘e’ is 1mm: faint white lettering against a red background. Indiscernible to the average ‘eye’! I am incensed! Pity the poor pensioners and those with less than average eyesight! I have neither, but was still duped! Disgusted with Tesco for gross misrepresentation and misleading its customers.

After many years of shopping at Tesco, I’ve had enough. Mouldy cheese, rank coleslaw, a store member who did not know what sugar snap peas were, a young, cocky, rude upstart at the till belligerently querying my ‘glamorous’ dress (I was off to a party straight after not that it was ANY of his business!). Tesco have plummeted in my estimation but this latest deceit (amongst others) is an insult to your loyal customers.

I am writing to many relevant bodies including BBC Watchdog and online Websites including Facebook as Tesco needs to realise, I for one, will now not rest on my laurels and WILL complain voraciously if I am misled, ill-advised or spoken to with no respect whatsoever. The quality of your products also is in question here, often.

I shall be taking this matter further and will be making a claim for the product, my phone calls, time and petrol to and from the store as this is not the first time I have had to return a product to the Sunbury store.

I await your swift response.