I ordered an online voucher about 2 weeks ago, for some reason I ended up not getting an online voucher which goes on the pay-as-you-go-phone straight away but came out as a voucher to be picked up in store.

The tesco online system allocated me a store to pick the voucher up from which is more than 2 miles away (there are several other stores closer by and I hardly ever shop there) and Tesco keep telling me they can’t refund, post the voucher to my home address or send it to another store.

In the meantime, needless to say, I have bought an online voucher.

Their extremely unhelpful Customer Service is pointblank refusing to help. They keep apologising for the inconvenience caused. It isn’t inconvenient to have spent £10 which I can’t use. No wonder their profits are increasing!

What sort of service is that? Don’t apologise for the inconvenience but put it right!!!!