on sunday 11 11 2011 me and my partner went to do some shopping at tescos when my partner paid for the goods at the checkout but prioer to this i said to her i am going outside for a smoke and wait for you. When she left the store she was approched by a brown secuity gaurd and he said to her you have not paid for the goods he pushed her up aguisent the wall and shouted at her then grabed her arm very tight and now her arm is black and blue. When she got outside she was sourend by staff members manger and secuity staff and told to go back inside the store so me and my partner went into kespie kream where there was loads of custmers who where wittness to what has happend because my partner is debitiac they got her a douinet and a drink of water which she did not want she wanted her gloucese tablets from the car they refused this she was lucky that she dident go into a coma on that day. Then we were taken though the store into the little room where the manger said put the camres on but there was no cameres in that room at all. Then they turned round and said that the police are on they way. When they came they did not belive us and said that i was done before for shoplifting which i have not done before i always pay for goods in shops or supermarkets. My partner was given a £80 pound fine by the police and we both have been banned from the store and all other tescos stores as well. We have a hoover to take back to the store as i would like the money back for.