This may be juvenile, but I don’t care.

I am tired of being in pain every time I have to go outside in this the most heinous of seasons other then January, which has become a season unto itself, and I dread that one’s weather even more then this winter’s. The winds are the worst, it whips at your face to a point where it actually hurts and strikes at any part of your body not covered by 13 layers of wool and knitted apparel your Nan has made for you. I hate the feeling of numbness in you hands when the fingers turn red and the nails blue and you’re sure you’re about to get frostbite at any minute. I hate gloves too, despite however you design them you always have to take them off to do anything which actually concerns your fingers. I hate the ice which takes you from a steady pace to a snails crawl and you still fall flat on your arse every time too. I hate the painful feeling of your ears adjusting to the warmth when you finally get in from your trek to God knows where. I do like the looks of snow and the way it crushes underfoot but I begin to hate it almost instantly when it get stuck in my shoes, dampens my feet and makes it unbearable to walk. I like the steam that comes from my mouth, as though I were a dragon but I hate the icy breathes I am forced to take as they freezing me from within.

I can’t stop thinking that It was autumn a few days ago! And I know it’ll be a long while before things get any warmer, especially in my room which for some obscure reason becomes an ice box to the point where I’m forced to use a portable electric heater.

I hate the cold, and I know I’m not the only one!

By Amy Gowler