FTAO The Manager/Manageress DFS Store White City Manchester M16 0SN

Dear Sir/Madam,

My wife and I recently visited the Sofa Sale at your premises in Manchester. I must admit I would have rather watched the football match, but my wife had been complaining since Christmas about wanting a new sofa. So, to calm the troubled waters and gain some brownie points, I agreed we should attend your sale. I mentioned this to the nice lady and gentleman, who sat us both down to discuss our requirements. They also asked if we would like a tea or coffee and not to be worried about the T.V. cameras, as they were shooting a commercial.

Once we were comfortable and relaxed, we discussed the fact that I fancied a leather sofa but my wife really wanted fabric. Also we required the four years interest free credit and not to pay anything for the first year. They told us this would be no problem, sorted out the finance for us and, on the whole, were very helpful indeed. When everything was signed and sealed they told us to relax a while and they would tie up the loose ends. As my wife and I sat talking, telling ourselves what a great deal we had done, imagine our horror as the gentleman, who had been so affable earlier, stood with his back to us, facing a T.V. camera and saying,

“He wanted to watch the football, but she wanted a sofa.”
Then the lady, who had been serving us, said,
“He wanted leather, but she really wanted fabric.”
I mean I ask you, is it right to discuss our personal details in public? Next the lady was saying,
“She didn’t want to pay for the first year, not a problem.”
My wife was crimson now. Then the gentleman strode up again,
“They wanted four yea…”

Well I’m sorry, that is when I rugby tackled him and all hell broke loose. I explained to the police and they let me go at midnight with a verbal warning. I am a laughing stock at my local and my wife is still not speaking to me. Small mercies. Anyway, the sofa is fantastic and is very comfortable to sleep on, so thank you for not pressing charges.

Yours Sincerely

Donald Ferdinand Smith.