Who do they think they are, these “Fat controllers” of the judicial world, they are supposed to be professional people. Does professionalism mean arrogance and control?

All I am doing is trying to complete the sale of my house and for the first time in ages I feel I am not in control of my life instead its a solicitor who loves ski-ing and partying but not verbal communication or customer care. He decides, when he is ready I can move and if I dare to question his authority he will punish me by purposely delaying the paperwork and find something extra to add to the bill.

Do these people deserve the high social standing and monetary rewards their work automatically brings? No I think not, I would place them in the same class as the MPs who have fraudulently claimed expenses, people with poor morals, the bourgeois who continue to exploit the working class. Most have come from the same stock, attended the same private schools and universities and haven’t a clue what “Providing a service” means.