Dear Media,

What ever happened to freedom of speech? What ever happened to the times where people could dress how they liked without being treated as an outcast?
From the trivial tops and dress sense, to the major seriousness of people’s health and mental state, the Media Monsters have undoubtedly swallowed the individuality of almost every youth in society.
As they rampage through the magazines splashing prints of lies all over the glossy pages, they are intentionally aware of how they are affecting people’s lives but yet still continue to do it! I find it absolutely disgusting that each individual nowadays feels pressured into dressing and listening to exactly what the magazines tell them to do. First it was rap; now rock. And if you don’t listen to the lasted band, wear your hair over your eyes or join in with the “trendy troop” then you will get the evil stare for the rest of your high school years.
When I was a child it wasn’t like this. We could hang out with out friends and dress how we liked without having a label stuck on us like a tin. We weren’t bullied or pressured into listening to a certain type of music until our only means of communication with one another was through our glaring ear pieces.
The media have dominated the entire population and stamped out their personality with their thunderous roar until everyone is walking around like limp dolls in a world of complete pretend. We are being played as a piece on a chess board and whenever the media are hungry for money or blatant attention, they seize hold of our low-slung jeans and drag us from square to square until they get us in the perfect position. We make them strong.
It is like the Day of the Trifids all over again, immense take over of the world! The growth of the media is creeping over every country until we are swarmed and overpowered. This time we cannot run to Greenland to escape it all.
What I find even more atrocious is the way the media are now even influencing people’s views on religion. Whether you are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish everyone is getting forced into atheism. Even songwriters and famous stars are now singing lyrics about how they don’t believe in religions or any type of God; wasn’t it JayZ who wrote in his song that we should all kill Jesus?
I think it is absolutely appalling that artists should even be allowed to sell records like that. Honestly, what good parent would really want their child listening to such vile and blasphemous statements which contradict what they are being taught at school?

I do believe that everyone has a right to express their point of view, however I think the media are taking it leaps too far. Opinions that will also influence others to the extreme should be kept silent, but come hell or high water, the media will always be there to haunt us and to trickle their whispery words into our naive, immature and narrow-minded heads.
Finally, the thing that shocks me the most is the way the magazines are allowed to plaster pictures of size 0 models all over their pages when thousands of people a year are being admitted to hospitals with dangerous eating problems.
I think it’s horribly horrific that people read about how beautiful and glamorous the models are due to nothing but their painfully tiny waists. Young girls especially then compare themselves to these models and starve themselves severely thin until they are nothing but a sad, skeletal, shrinking body of bones with a little voice inside their head still insisting they are grossly obese.
Surely the media would ditch these skinny models after realising how many people they are causing to have this awful illness? Surely they would see the damage they are doing and would try to stop it?
But unfortunately all they want is the cash and so they will play us until we are right off the chequered board altogether.
If they don’t care about us, why should we care about them? Maybe we should start a new revolution, rid of the magazines, rid of the records, and rise of the unique being once more. It is time to take out the trash!