I was out for a night on the town and I needed the toilet. When I got there I held the door open for an elderly lady she walked in an didn’t say thank you.

As I waited for a toilet to become available the old lady started cursing and kicking the doors on the toilets telling everyone to hurry up. When a toilet became available she pushed past me and went in before I could to make matters worse when she left the toilet she washed her hands and shook the water all over me.

Everybody’s always moaning about young people today having no manners but I’m only 19 and I held the door open, ignored her outburst and bad language and didn’t have a go at her when she pushed me out the way.

I was taught to respect my elders but if you ask me some of the elder people have no respect for anyone younger than them. Instead of telling teenagers to learn some manners try telling some elderly people to have a little respect and stop treating everybody like dirt!.