Picture the situation. You decide to have a fun day out at the cinema with all your friends. Before you all meet, you arrange to see a particular film that looks both enjoyable and interesting, one that you’ve all been looking forward to. You meet at the entrance of the cinema, ready to buy your tickets. Everything is going well.
Suddenly you see them. That person who doesn’t have any friends. The one you avoid as much as possible. You watch like a vulture as they make their way up on the escalator. Questions race through your head. What are they doing here? Who invited them? Should we hide from them? You quickly voice your concerns to your friends, warning them about the coming invasion.

It sounds cruel yet this person is a loner for a reason. It’s like when your cat drags a dead bird across the floor; you feel bad for it but the only thought populating your mind is figuring out the best way to get rid of it. Nobody wants it around and you can’t understand why your adorable pet is so determined to hang on to it.
They approach. The initial plan of hiding from them is now impossible. You say hello, deciding to be civil and placing all prejudices to the back of your mind. You try. A few seconds later your hate for this person emerges like a tidal wave of anger.

They’re trying to convince you all to see a different movie. Then they argue about where you sit in the cinema. Then it’s the seating arrangement. Then it’s the choice fo film again. It’s a never ending list of problems that are ridiculously tedious and dragged out. The individual has strops if they don’t get their way and if someone else is getting all the attention, they demand it back.

All the while this is happening, you sigh and rub your head. It’s stressful and you wonder how such an utterly revolting person exists in the world. You can complain all you want but like wasps in the summer they are determined to come back and ruin your day. In the end, all you can do is sit back, try to relax and avoid their irritating stings.