Mr and Mrs Robinson
Peter Gregory
Customer Relations Team


Dear Mr Gregory
We are writing in reference to your letter dated the 7th of October and the phone call to you made soon after this date. We are not satisfied with your response to our honeymoon situation and the comments you have made in your letter are false in that you were not made aware of our situation at the time, because you were!
As we have paid for a service that we did not receive we feel we deserve a refund. Not only have we spent time seeking this refund and sorting this issue out during our honeymoon in Hawaii (phone calls to Thomas Cook Scunthorpe, phone calls to Speedi Shuttle Hawaii) but since we have been home we have spent time writing letters, visiting Thomas Cook Scunthorpe and making phone calls! I will again explain the situation.
On arriving in Honolulu airport late at night after approx 36+ hours of travelling from our home, we had another hours drive to our hotel ahead of us, which we had paid for with your shuttle service at the time of purchasing our honeymoon. After investigation and the airport becoming deserted, a kindly baggage handler took pity on us and called Speedi Shuttle who informed us that our names were NOT ON THE LIST! Therefore we were stranded an hours drive away from our hotel after a 36 hour, two airplane journey! You can obviously imagine how distressing this was at the time!
My new bride burst into tears at this point thinking that her dream honeymoon was ruined.
We were then advised by the baggage handler to either rent a car or get a taxi. This we did and we got a receipt.
On arrival at our hotel, 2 hours after landing, and taking our bags to our room, we went searching for change for the pay phone in the hotel lobby. Fuming that we have had to wait around at the airport and pay 150 dollars for a taxi, and concerned about our transfer we booked to take us back to the airport at the end of our week to the next island we were visiting, we called Thomas Cook Scunthorpe. As it was late at night in Hawaii, it was very early morning in England, therefore no one answered! We then called Mrs Elaine Horner, my mother living in England, and explained the situation. Mrs Horner then telephoned Thomas Cook Scunthorpe that morning on our behalf, and was told that we should take a receipt of the taxi fare and it would be refunded when we got home and not to worry about the next transfer to the airport as they would call Speedi Shuttle and confirm it with them. We were told not to worry and enjoy our honeymoon! So contact was made and assurances were given! (Thomas Cook Scunthorpe has record of this conversation with Mrs Horner).
Midweek of our honeymoon we hadn’t heard from Thomas Cook or Speedi Shuttle (which we were told we would to confirm our transfer). So we again spent time calling Speedi Shuttle to confirm our names were on their list, which they were.
As you can see from the above, a lot of time was taken up from enjoying our honeymoon and worrying about something that we had organised and paid for back home in England months before with your company! You have received the receipt of our taxi fare and the transfer token that was not taken in our last letter.
Can I reiterate that we have paid for a service that we have not received and spent much time trying to recover our losses, although the time spent sorting it out on honeymoon can never be replaced! In receipt of our refund we would like to make it clear that Thomas cook travel vouchers would not be acceptable!
We look forward to your response and we hope you don’t spend another 28 days thinking about it! If you need us to clarify any of the above we are quite willing to come to your offices to discuss this further with you.

Yours sincerely
Mr and Mrs Robinson