I am a student; I’m 20 years old. I go to college Monday-Friday, 9-5 and have only my weekends and evenings to work. I work exceptionally hard to achieve great grades so I can go to film school and pursue my career as a film screenwriter. This leaves me only 2 days free to work; on the weekend, because my college work will be continuing after college hours during the week. I then have zero hours to socialise, participate in events, hobbies or have any me time. This is very stressful. People do not realise how stressful it is for a student to work, literally all week 24-7. So, myself and other students in my position have a choice; time or money. No time can lead to stress and but on the other hand were have enough money to pay for our buss passes, trips and college equipment. We could of corse not work and have no money. This would lead to stress too however because we will have no money to physically go and do anything which can be very depressing for young adults.

My question is, should ALL students receive some kind of contribution to fund living while in full time education? I am aware students on level 4 and above courses (degree courses at university) are entitled to student finance but what about other students at college? We get help towards courses fees but what about people in my situation who come from a working class family and have no other money because their SINGLE mum is just managing to pay for bills, the mortgage and food?

My point is, I am in a rubbish situation. I want to work hard and do well so I can have a comfortable life later on but I am struggling because I feel like I am in a situation where I can either work or go to college. Now, I know your all going to be thinking you can work one or two times a week surely? Well, you go find me a job that wants me to work Saturday and possibly one evening during the week (that’s the only days I can work to ensure I keep decent grades and my sanity).

Last year was great; I was receiving EMA, which is a contribution of £30.00 a week for students in financial hardship. This paid for my food, travel and books. I now have zilch. I have not previously had a job due to being in full time education so I’m struggling even more to find a job with no reference. I was reaching the high grades last year, DDD* which is equivalent to AAA*. This year I have dropped too a MMD which is BBA, because I’m so stressed trying to find scraps of things to sell to afford anything. If I had a job, which fitted around college, I would be more than grateful. I’m not a scrounger and I prefer not to seek financial help from the government or any other third party but if it’s going to help me get my career started quickly, SHOW ME THE MONEY!