Dear Train fellows on the 9.04am from Claygate to Clapham Junction.
Is it really neccessary to spend most of the journey coughing and sniffing come rain or shine. If anyone didn’t have a cold before they boarded that train they certainly would have by the end of their journey. You might think that winter colds would abait in the summer but oh no once the sun is out its hayfever season.

Every morning where ever I sit there is always a sniffer. Sniffers come in all shapes and all sizes and don’t be fooled by the expensiveness of the suits. Behind every smart veneer is a disgusting sniffer who’s nasal noise will grate against your ear drums for your entire journey. Try moving from seat to seat and its seems that the entire train is made up for sniffers.

The biggest culprits are the men. Would they make such revolting noises at home? or at work I think not. For some reason sitting on a train amongst other sniffers seems to gives the green light to a symphony of slurping noses, snotty gloops and flem filled throats. And those of you with just a little perpetual sniff are no better. Do you know how annoying it is for people to have to listen to a constant dripping sniff for an hour? I have tried and tried to out sniff you and glare at you but still your manners seem to desert you and you carry on oblvious to the frustration and the irratation of your fellow passengers.

I’ve just got three words for you. USE A HANKIE.

Yours in seething irratation