Where we live is beautiful, Peaslake a slice of tranquility and calm in the Surrey Hills. When the blanket of snow came down however, we really did get into a right pickle however idilic it was to see sledgers crashing into farmers gates or rosey children looking even happier to have more days off school,It was the reality of living in a small village that went from heaven to hell and I blame the guildford council…

Peaslake to date has a pub and a village shop, the isolation was quite scary the roads were not gritted which led to cars skidding and people tripping, the A3 went into major melt down and even though we had already suffered at the hand of february 2009 no grit to be seen.

No gritting, people tripping and of course the doctors shutting all provide disaster for one and all.

Now you could argue that if you choose to live in a place like this you have to suffer, well I don’t agree, griting, doctors being opened, street lighting, would all help during times of bad weather especially when it had been forecasted.

Yours snowingly.

Emma Morgan