Complaint about Marvel milk packaging.

While me and my husband are at work, we like to use Marvel dried milk, as there’s no worries about it going off or out of date. While the product is excellent, the packaging is a nightmare. Both of us in turn, several times, have dropped the whole tin on the floor having to go and buy another one.

It’s the fitting of the lid that I’m complaining about. It slots inside the tin, but if you’re in a hurry for your tea, (We always are) as you grab the lid, it slides off, thus spraying Marvel all over the floor behind the counter.
There must be a valid reason for the lid to be so loose fitting, but to have lost so much Marvel on the floor is downright annoying to say the least.

Every time this happens, we decide that we should empty the contents of the tin into a jar. One of the days, we shall get round to doing this, then the problem will be solved. Just makes it inconvenient, and I wish they would come up with a screw top lid or something better than what they have at the moment.

Perhaps the Marvel manufacturers make a loose fitting lid on purpose so that users will drop the milk, and buy more. This happens to us all the time, and I know you shouldn’t cry over spilt milk, but enough is enough. Makes me wonder whether it would be better to switch to fresh milk to avoid the accidents?