Dear sir/madam,

On 06/05/09 I purchased some clothes from one of your stores at the Highcross shopping centre in Leicester. I purchased five items on this occasion and returned one of those items later as it was faulty.

Unfortunately, I was charged twice for one of the items I had purchased. I had a 15% discount because I had recently opened a store account, so I didn’t realise right away that I had been charged for the item twice – the item was a smart jersey top (bar code: 2259081917051).

When I realised that I had been overcharged for the item I returned to the store (on the 19/05/09) with the receipt. I raised the query at the customer service tills, explaining the issue but to my disappointment was informed by the manager of the branch that she wasn’t prepared to check the stock for that item as it was “too much of a hassle” for her and that someone “may have stolen one of those items anyway”.

Additionally, she told me that I had come back too late, even though I was within the 28 days allowed for a refund. I felt that the issue was not my mistake, the only error I had made is that I did not check diligently my receipt of goods before leaving the store, a lesson I have now sadly learned I must do, rather than trust the competency of S (well known high street chain) and the staff they employ to ensure that goods are correctly itemised for purchase.

I was even more dismayed as I felt that the manager’s attitude towards me was degrading and also that she challenged the honest intentions of my return to store, an act I would not have undertaken unless I was very sure that there had been an error and that I deserved a refund. I do wonder if the only reason she treated me in this manner was because I was obviously a student (I was wearing a University of Leicester hoodie at the time).

Furthermore, she made her comments in front of two other staff members and my friend who had accompanied me. These comments were rude and obnoxious which made me feel very uncomfortable. As such I was unwilling to pursue the matter in store at the time to save me from further embarrassment. I felt she was just not interested in what I had to say.

This is the first time I have been treated so rudely by a member of staff at any store. In comparison, I went into a Paperchase store afterwards and the staff couldn’t have been any more polite or friendly. I have had a positive experience in another branch of yours in Nottingham but, after my experience at the store in Leicester, I very much doubt that I or any of my friends will choose to shop there again.

Kind regards,