Dear wetherspoons, I have always enjoyed your food and the service we normally get whilst in one of your chains.

On 24/1/2010 I drove my niece up to her university in Canterbury and treated her and my daughter to a meal in The Thomas Ingoldsby/C112HC. Pub number 0291 till number1 at 16.22.

When we went to order my daughter had to change her option as they had run out of sirloin steak which early afternoon was strange but she did order something else instead, we also ordered starters and was asked if we wanted it with the main and we said no as a starter please. We paid and took our seats. Within 5 minutes they brought one of the starters of breaded mushrooms and we took one each to eat.

Both my daughter and myself took a bit and looked at each other and said yes its frozen inside. My daughter took the plate up to one of the staff members and discretley told them the problem.

We sat waiting for a further 6-8 minutes and by this time were a bit annoyed as the second starter was nachos which as u well know need no cooking so why had we not got the order at our table.

When the waiter came to the table with the mushrooms I asked when the nachos would come and they went off to enquire, and on their return we were told sorry but it had been put down to come with the main.

Im sorry but we had been asked at the till and asked for both as starters. We were told it would be delayed,
We finally received the nachos and by this time as you can imagine were very hungry. We waited and waited for 45 minutes from order for our main. My daughter once again left her seat to go and ask a waiter were our mains were. He started to make some excuse up that which really annoyed my daughter, whom has run a Hungry horse pub/restaurant. The young waiter was trying to fob us off with it takes time and it was ordered with the main by mistake, she pointed out that had the order taker knew he had made an error he should have put his head round to the chef and ask it to be prepared with the other starter.

We finally got our meals but had to wait for approx 1 hour after we had ordered our meals and told that it would be ready in 20 minutes.

We were ignored whilst we ate and not one person came over to ensure the meals were fine or if we had a problem, this has never happened to me before and feel that the staff need to be re trained in customer service.

Had we been mystery shoppers and had to report back to you you would take this seriously.

We spent enough money in your premises and for the first time certainly did not enjoy the service and attitude of the staff.

I wait patiently to hear from you

Many thanks

Mrs Lucy Fares