Dear Sir / Madame,

I recently wrote to you requesting a location list for the supervised tests taking place in West Yorkshire, as this would be more convenient for me.

However, you failed to send me a location list for West Yorkshire and instead sent me the one for Plymouth, a location I would prefer to avoid, which I told you in my last letter, which was sent from my home West Yorkshire not Plymouth. I thought I had been clear, but evidently not clear enough!

I know it might be confusing, because I don’t actually live in West Yorkshire at the moment (as you’ll see from the return address on this envelope), and I’m well aware this might baffle you somewhat, but fear not, I will be back in West Yorkshire soon.

If I was sent a location list for West Yorkshire then I would be very happy indeed, West Yorkshire is better than Plymouth for me so please send me a list for West Yorkshire rather than Plymouth.

Please type ‘West Yorkshire’ into that computer in front of you and print out the location list for West Yorkshire and send it to me, I would be very very grateful, yes very grateful if you could type in West Yorkshire and send me the results. Ah West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire.

Somewhere in Leeds or Huddersfield would do as they are both in West Yorkshire aren’t they? Yes, well spotted, they are in West Yorkshire, and if I am sent a list for those locations then I will take the test, in West Yorkshire.

Many thanks.

Mark, Plymouth