We went to our local Harvester. Riverhead, in Sevenoaks, Kent. 1/2/13 at about 7pm Friday.

My son-in-law had chosen the venue for my granddaughters birthday, there were 7 of us.

My husband and I were there first so bought a drink at the bar. I had a gin and tonic and my husband had a small Peroni, I couldn’t actually taste any gin but was charged £7.50, my jaw nearly hit the ground.

We were put on a table in a small room which was nice.

We ordered some garlic bread, when it came it was just 1 slice of ordinary bread with a little bit of garlic butter on and toasted on the grill! it was a good job we weren’t vegetarian as all I could taste was beef!

That was also £2.99, I don’t mind paying that when we get pizza base smothered in garlic butter but that was not what we got.

We all ordered our food and was served fairly quickly so there was no complaint about our waitress or service.

Our food was pretty much awful, I had a steak and it was nearly all gristle, so more than half was left, I had new potatoes which were totally dry with no butter on or offered separately, so I more or less paid for a few peas and a bit of chewy steak.

One of the party and me had a glass of white wine, although it was different wines, they cost us £10, pretty disgusting when you can get 3 bottles of Pinot for £12.

I had to ask for another glass as it was served up in a straight glass and I also had to ask for ice as it wasn’t very cold.

We had a birthday cake and the waitress served it but we did have to ask for plates and forks.

I just felt the whole place looked and felt dirty and greasy. For the money we spent I wished we’d gone to Zizzi’s or somewhere like that and we will in the future.

We used to come to the Harvester every Friday about 10 years ago, I just feel the whole place needs a total re-furb as it’s tired and scruffy, I feel no matter how hard the staff try to clean it would make no difference.

If this restaurant gets a re-furb we might consider using it again.