Dear Devon Window Cleaners

I am writing with concern of an incident with a window cleaner from your company.

Whilst lying naked (obviously) in my bath one afternoon, enjoying the hot water and a chance to soak away my troubles I heard a rather odd noise against the outside wall.

Taking no notice whatsoever as I live in a very old multi storied building that has a hefty lock on the ancient front door and the windows are barred on several floors up and as the bathroom is at the very top floor that overlooks moorland and great distances I had no reason for concern.

The windows are not frosted as no one can possibly overlook the bathroom as I can go about my ablutions in compete privacy without fear of nosey neighbours. That is until one of your window cleaners abruptly broke the harmony and safety of my surroundings when his head popped over the sill and he began earnestly wiping the windows.

I lay without moving in the bath which did not afford me bubbles to protect myself and I thought as soon as the window cleaner saw me he would act as a true gentleman and depart pronto. I decided that to jump out and scream would make the situation more alarming and potentially attract a larger audience to a lady delicately going about her toilette.

However my calm and considered actions proved futile as the cleaner continued to clean the window staring in at me without a murmur. Until I called for him to move immediately it appeared that only then did he recognise that what he saw in front of him was a naked (and I may say rather stunning) young woman, to which he gulped in quite a lot of air and began clambering down his ladder rather fast followed by a very large clatter and bang.

This subsequent noise alarmed me and my companions within our large residence and I could hear the screams from below.

The consequences for the window cleaner was only a broken bone or two but because of his rashness and inconsideration for others, I have been left humiliated and my human rights have been violated as well as losing my privileges in-house.

This incident has now been written up and I have been banned from using the bath without permission, I consider this to be without merit and I am deeply aggrieved.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Julie Harries