Re: The three-month delay I suffered in arranging for my pension to be sent to me in Thailand


In October of this year, I realised that the instructions I sent to my bank asking for my pension to be paid to my account here had been overlooked.

I rang my London branch and informed them. The gentleman who spoke to me took down my bank a/c no in Thailand and said ‘I’ll deal with it’. He didn’t. He got the number wrong. I rang again. ‘Oh, we have to wait till the payment comes back before we can act on this.’

Finally, 17 days, late, the payment arrived. At least, I thought, next month’s will be OK. It wasn’t. Exactly the same thing happened again. A further 17 days’ waiting and a fair share of anxiety to boot.

It wouldn’t happen a third time, of course. It did. The same man spoke to me. No word of apology, just a tired ‘I’ll deal with it, Mr. Wilde.’ Perhaps, his tired delivery had something to do with the expression of my incandescent rage – no bad words, but no minced ones, either.

On the fourth attempt, the payment came. My telephone bill was stratospheric. To add insult to injury, your bank then attempted to charge me for the three failed attempts.

I will not be paying these charges. In fact, I shall be billing you for my calls to London. You will not pay them, but I will not be paying you, either. You will find I am comfortably in overdraft to the amount those telephone calls cost.

I have the name of the tired bank employee who mishandled this matter.

And, by the way, I’ve changed banks.

Yours sincerely,